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This is the wiki for OpenRocket, an open-source model rocket simulator. The OpenRocket documentation is written collaboratively here.

The main web site for OpenRocket is

OpenRocket User's Guide

1. Introduction

2. Downloading & Installing

3. Getting Started

4. Basic Rocket Design

5. Basic Flight Simulation

6. Advanced Rocket Design

7. Advanced Flight Simulation

8. Overrides and Surface Finish

9. Rocket Analysis

10. Custom Expressions

11. Simulation Listeners


A. Frequently Asked Questions

B. Component Details

C. Tips and Tricks

D. List of Useful Custom Expressions

E. Scripting with Python and JPype

F. Resources

G. Feature Comparison

H. Third-Party Compatibility

Developer resources

The OpenRocket Developer Wiki is on the development site at GitHub.

The developer pages were unified and migrated there in March, 2021. If you're missing a developer page, please check on the developer wiki.