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Also called "RockSim XML format" and using an '.rse" extension, these files are used to describe a motor for loading into Rocksim and OpenRocket.

RockSim v8 uses either the RASP or the new RockSim XML format (.rse). The .rse format can store extra information about the motors, such as the type of engine it is (single-use, reloadable, hybrid).

For more information about entering motor information into Rocksim, please also read the FAQ entry: [1]

XML Tags[edit]

Engine Tag Attributes[edit]

  • mfg= text string. Manufacturer.
  • code= text string. Motor Designation. (e.g. F128-6)
  • Type= text string. one of : ("single-use" | "hybrid" | "reloadable" ) Other values are accepted, but not recognized.
  • dia=Number. units = mm
  • len= Number. Units = mm
  • initWt= Initial Weight. Number. Units = g
  • propWt= Propellant Weight. Units = g
  • delays="1000"
  • auto-calc-mass="1"
  • auto-calc-cg="0"
  • avgThrust="280.059"
  • peakThrust="428.329"
  • throatDia="0."
  • exitDia="0."
  • Itot="21.284"
  • burn-time="0.08"
  • massFrac="99.88"
  • Isp="2.71"
  • tDiv="10"
  • tStep="-1."
  • tFix="1"
  • FDiv="10"
  • FStep="-1."
  • FFix="1"
  • mDiv="10"
  • mStep="-1."
  • mFix="1" cgDiv="10"
  • cgStep="-1."
  • cgFix="1">

Engine Tag Children[edit]

  • comments

String. Text Description

  • data

A list of "eng-data" tags. Together this list will define the thrust curve (and other properties which change over time.

eng-data Tag Attributes[edit]

  • time ("t"): number. units = ??
  • force ("f"): number. units = ??
  • mass ("m"): number. units = ??
  • center of gravity location: ("cg"): number. units = ??

Example File[edit]

    <engine FDiv="10" FFix="1" FStep="-1." Isp="195.96" Itot="39.78" Type="reloadable" auto-calc-cg="1" auto-calc-mass="1"
    avgThrust="18.082" burn-time="2.2" cgDiv="10" cgFix="1" cgStep="-1." code="E18" delays="4,8" dia="24." exitDia="0." initWt="57." 
    len="70." mDiv="10" mFix="1" mStep="-1." massFrac="36.32" mfg="Aerotech" peakThrust="31." propWt="20.7" tDiv="10" tFix="1" 
    tStep="-1." throatDia="0.">
        <eng-data cg="35." f="0." m="20.7" t="0."/>
        <eng-data cg="35." f="31." m="20.3774" t="0.04"/>
        <eng-data cg="35." f="30." m="14.6638" t="0.4"/>
        <eng-data cg="35." f="26.7" m="8.7629" t="0.8"/>
        <eng-data cg="35." f="19.1" m="3.99638" t="1.2"/>
        <eng-data cg="35." f="8." m="1.17602" t="1.6"/>
        <eng-data cg="35." f="2.2" m="0.11448" t="2."/>
        <eng-data cg="35." f="0." m="0." t="2.2"/>