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The current User's Guide is very much a work in progress, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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The Example projects[edit]

By now you should have a good idea of how OpenRocket's user interface is structured, so you might feel ready to start designing your own rocket (see next section)--and probably you are indeed ready. Nonetheless we suggest you have a look at some pre-designed example rockets that we have provided. To do this, simply select File -> Open example... and the window shown in the image below will appear.

The Open example... window.

Select one or more of the listed rockets (we suggest that you start with A simple model rocket), then click Open. Now have a closer look at the various windows discussed in this section, and note how they change when you choose another example project. This should give you an idea of how to best use this application, and maybe even give you some new ideas for your future rockets!

Now that you know how this program is structured, you can start using OpenRocket to design your own rockets. How to do this will be the topic of the next section, Basic Rocket Design.

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