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Body Components Types[edit]

Component Function
Components.02.01.Body-Fin.Nose Cone.png

Nose Cones: A nose cone is the conically shaped forward most section of a rocket, designed to modulate oncoming airflow behaviors and minimize aerodynamic drag. OpenRocket allows you to choose from seven different standard shapes, with the ability to significantly alter the shape of four of those. The shapes available to you are conical, ogive, ellipsoid, power, parabolic, and Haak (including the popular Von Karmon nose cone).

OR.Wiki.Body Components.01.Nose Cone.02.Dialog.Shape.png

Components.02.02.Body-Fin.Body Tube.png

Body Tubes: The body tube, or tubes are the airframe of the model rocket. Body tubes are typically made from paper, fiberglass, or plastic, with the spiral-wound paper tube being the most common. OpenRocket allows you to set the length, inner and outer diameter (wall thickness), and material type. Whether designing low power or extreme high power rockets, OpenRocket allows you to set the body tube parameters you need.

OR.Wiki.Body Components.02.Body Tube.02.Dialog.Materials.png


Transitions: Transitions are used to connect two body tubes which have different diameters; the lack of a transition between dissimilar diameters is referred to as "discontinuity.” The same as with nose cones, transitions can have a curved surface such as ogive, ellipsoid, power, parabolic, and Haak, or just a traditional conical (flat sided) surface. Whether the difference in diameter is large or small, a transition is what is used to make that connection. Transitions can literally give your rocket that unique attention grabbing "shape.”

OR.Wiki.Body Components.03.Transition.02.Dialog.Shape.png

Examples of Use[edit]

Traditional →
OR.Wiki.Body Components.04.Examples.01.Boosted Dart.03.png
High Power Nose Cone →
OR.Wiki.Body Components.04.Examples.03.HP Nose Cone.03.png
Comical Realism →
OR.Wiki.Body Components.04.Examples.03.Anti-Virus.03.png

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